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Farfar offers a unique collection of handmade interior and lifestyle items.

About us

Farfar brings you contemporary handcrafted goods with an authentic soul.

Farfar offers an unique collection of handmade interior and lifestyle items from the Morrocan culture. These are carefully and personally designed and selected. Each product is, just like the user, unique and has its own story. Through these products Farfar brings the warmth and exotic atmosphere into our lives.

My biggest influence

As a daughter of a Moroccan father and a Belgian mother, I made numerous trips to my father's native country. Everytime again I was enchanted by the colours, the smells, the herbal knowledge and the age-old crafts that are still being practiced. At that time I already had the urge to pass on these treasures for those around me who want to discover and appreciate the beauty of different cultures.

My passion

As an architect, I think it is important to give spaces an atmosphere of well-being through the use of honest and natural materials. In the rich range of products and crafts I am looking for unique pieces that can evoke this feeling. I give these products a contemporary touch by reinterpreting them or redesigning them.

My mission

I want to convey the enchanting atmosphere of the far south because I sincerely believe that it can add a positive atmosphere to our way of living.
In order to contribute to the local economy I work in ethical partnership with artisans -including my family- whom I compensate in a fair way.

In 2018 I made this possible by launching Farfar.



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