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Felt slippers

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    Prepare for fall and winter with these handmade, comfortable, environmentally-friendly felt slippers. These unique slippers are felted with the wet felt technique: with loose wool, water and soap, the slippers are completely seamlessly felted in one piece! A solid and sustainable result.

    The benefits of this natural product are endless. Felt is durable, pure, breathable, insulating, does not burn, elastic, sound-absorbing, colourfast, water and dirt-repellent thanks to its natural oils. The slippers, in natural wool, allow your feet to breathe and keep them at body temperature. Enough reasons to keep your feet warm with felt!

  • Product info

    100% Raw, uncoloured sheep wool

    Production process

    Soft and simple production process without impact on the environment: the raw sheep wool is felted with water and black soap. Then the felt is formed into the final product. finally, the product is rinsed with water and dried in the sun.


    Craft workshop Marrakech, Morocco


    Felt objects require little maintenance. Due to the natural wool grease and the density of felt, liquids are not quickly absorbed. They first remain on the surface.

    When spilling, carefully dab the liquid with an absorbent cloth. If the stain has dried, you can gently clean it with a cloth or soft brush and water. Dab with a clean, dry absorbent cloth. If necessary, you can also 'steam' the felt object by hanging it in the shower. If you want to wash it with soap, dissolve some liquid wool detergent with lukewarm water and rinse well. Add a dash of vinegar to the last rinse water. Never let the article soak in the water! To let it dry you can best put it down or support it well (for example, never hang the product on 2 clothespins or dry it in the dryer), and out of the sun. If necessary, carefully pull in shape.

    For daily maintenance use the vacuum cleaner or a lint roller.

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