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Farfar offers a unique collection of handmade interior and lifestyle items.

Kilim - red 210x140

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    This finely detailed Kilim carpet is made entirely by hand, from shaving the sheep to knotting the carpet. The kilim rug is beautiful on your floor, hangs magnificently on your wall and lies dreamy on your couch..

    A kilim is a pileless, flat hand-woven carpet with geometric patterns. The special feature of the Kilim weaving technique is that the patterns on both sides are the same. A kilim can be used as a floor, bench or wall cover.

  • Product info

    210l x 140w cm


    100% wool of the highest quality


    Natural dyes: red, yellow, white, black


    Middle Atlas, Morocco


    Maintenance Keep your Kilim rug free of dirt and dust by vacuuming carefully it once a week. Do not use a vacuum cleaner with a soft or rotating brush. Only use the suction power of the vacuum cleaner (soft cution). Don’t run your vacuum cleaner over the fringe because it may snag the fibers and unravel or tear them off.

    Stains When spilling, remove any solids in the spill by using a spoon to carefully scoop them up. Blot away as much of the liquid as possible. Use a clean sponge or piece of paper towel to carefully press against the stain and remove the excess moisture. Then pass clean water through the stained area. Use a clean sponge or piece of paper towel to blot the area with the spill once more.

    Vintage rugs

    The rugs are traditionally made: The women of a family work together to make a carpet -by there own design- for the family's household. They shave their own sheep; wash, comb and colour the wool with natural dyes on a soft and ecological way. This intensive process makes the wool and the carpet, of these precious family items, unique and of exceptional quality. This traditional way of processing the wool is increasingly being replaced by an industrial process, making the unique softness and the natural colour nuances a rarity. Therefore these handmade rugs are very desirable.

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