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Farfar offers a unique collection of handmade interior and lifestyle items.


The search for the wicker baskets

Visiting a family of reed weavers


Our search for wicker products started in Fès, the home town of my family. After a few days of searching in the medina and after several encounters, we learned that we had to go further south, to the regions where the fine reed grows.

On the way to Marrakech

In the medina and the artisan centers of Marrakech we quickly found the products we were looking for. Fine reedwork woven into all kinds of unique products: wicker handbags, baskets, lamps, etc. Since these products are made in the rural, remote areas around Marrakech it was not easy to come to the makers of the products. We came in contact with A., a man of age who works hard to sell the wicker products made in his native village.

To the source

The next day, A. invited us to come to his native village. We left for a small rural village, 60 km from Marrakech. The last part of the route was bumpy, over unpaved roads, dotted with pits and stone chunks. We arrived in a forgotten village next to a river, where many buildings have become empty, unfinished or partly destroyed. A. took us to the house of his family and we were warmly welcomed with a glass of tea. Several children entered the living room and soon the atmosphere was relaxed, warm and cheerful. A perfect start for our enriching cooperation.

Many women from the village, including the family of A., manufacture the beautiful products with the reeds that grow alongside the river. We purchase our baskets and other wicker products directly from these families at a fair price.

One of the main goals at Farfar is to support craftsmen in Morocco, so that they can provide for their livelihoods. The country has many ancient crafts, waiting to be rediscovered. Moreover, the production process of these products is simple, without impact on the environment!

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