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Farfar offers a unique collection of handmade interior and lifestyle items.

Leather care

Tips for maintaining leather

Keep it smooth


To keep your leather goods beautiful and supple, they must, just like our own skin, be protected against daily stressors. Intensive use, exposure to sunlight, dirt and dust, poor storage and stretching of your leather goods can speed up the wear process.

Leather is a durable material and can withstand a lot but will age nicer with a little extra maintenance. That is why we would like to share some maintenance tips with you.

Nourish and saturate!

By impregnating your leather goods, you feed and saturate the leather. This makes the leather better protected against moisture, dirt and dehydration! You can do this with a nourishing wax emulsion, an oil or a moisturizing cream.

Before using a product it is important to know what type of leather you want to treat (smooth or rough leather). In addition, some leather goods are coloured in a vegetable way and tend to discolour when they come into contact with certain products.

  • Smooth leather
    Medium to high gloss and made from the outside of animal skins. For smooth leather, we recommend a ** nourishing cream based on natural raw materials **. These products do not contain any solvents and can be used with any type of coloured leather.

  • Raw leather: Suede
    The surface feels rough and looks rough, has a long-haired pole and is made from the inside of animal skins. Suede leather must be treated with oil-containing products. These keep the pool soft and flexible. It is best to choose a ** protection spray ** especially for suede leather.

Always test a product first in a hidden place!


Allow wet leather goods to dry gradually. The texture can be damaged by drying too quickly (eg with a hairdryer or on the heating). This allows the leather to wrinkle, discolour or even crack. Simply drying in its original form is the best way.


Do not leave leather in the sun for a long time. For example, do not leave your pouf in the full sun every day. The leather will discolour with prolonged exposure.

Stains & dirt

  • Stains can be removed with a soft "natural" soap. This is a ph-neutral soap that is neither acid nor alkaline. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

  • If that doesn't work, you can try gasoline or alcohol. But first test it in a non-conspicuous place. Always rinse thoroughly so that no residues remain.

  • A kitchen tip is normal milk. Immerse a sponge and wash the leather with it. Rinse with water if necessary.

  • If you have water or salt circles on your leather shoes, you can clean them with a mixture of one part water and one part white vinegar. Simply pat the leather with a clean cloth and let it dry.

  • Unpleasant odors in your bag / shoes? Leave a bag of baking powder in your bag overnight. The powder will absorb the odors..

  • With suede leather you can easily brush dirt with a soft brush. By regular brushing you keep suede flexible!


Don't stuff your leather goods, because leather is not elastic. It will stretch, but will not shrink to its original shape afterwards.

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Leather care

Tips for maintaining leather

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